Web 3.0

Seamless integration of what blockchain brings to the gaming world

The “holy grail” of crypto gaming is finding a creative and smart way to leverage the blockchain technology to provide a better gaming experience for its users.
Asset (content) creation & ownership, interoperability, player rewards and other aspects have to act as an exciting and integral part of the gameplay, rather than making it the centerpiece of game mechanics.

Minting NFTs

Finding the right resources and forging items (NFTs) in-game that help improvw your champion’s strength and cosmetics/uniqueness.

Trading NFTs

All NFTs (champions, weapons, armor, and others) can be freely traded on the game’s marketplace as well as other marketplaces with other players/investors.


Engines of Fury provides a unique opportunity for skillful and loyal players to receive in-game virtual earnings, turn them into real-world income, and encourage the monetization of time spent in the in-game world. Crypto assets (tokens and NFTs) owned always belong to the players, and assets earned can be converted into fiat currencies friction-free.
Learning from the current crypto game mistakes and seeing the opportunities in the existing crypto gaming market, Engines of Fury will have various play to earn aspects creatively interwoven into the gameplay loop without creating opportunities for mindless grinding or botting.
The most skilled and active players are rewarded in $FURY for their skill, reaching top leaderboard positions, completing various achievements, quests, and other gameplay-related activities.

Players can earn $FURY with the following methods:

  • Winning PvP matches against other players
  • Finding NFT blueprints and minting NFT items which can be sold on the marketplace
  • Ranking high in the PvE leaderboards
  • Ranking high in the PvP seasons
  • Receiving NFTs by winning PvP Tournaments which can be sold on the marketplace
  • Completing various engaging and unique weekly playing achievements
  • Various community campaigns
  • Reporting bugs
  • Reporting bots
  • Referral programs

Council Crates

Council crates are special limited quantity NFTs which will be sold on Engines of Fury IGO and can be opened in-game.
What’s included in the IGO council crate:
  • A random piece of Season 1 NFT equipment of the same or higher rarity as the crate’s. Each equipment piece has +bonus experience stat and grants a “Councilor” status to the owner of the item which enables special in-game deals, discounts and more. These bonuses are not present on the in-game items - only on those from the council crate.
  • A “Call to arms” ticket which can be used to create a character for free with special equipment.
  • An early access key (meaning NFTs can be acquired earlier and with less competition when the game goes live).

Asset cross-game/cross-project interoperability

Engines of Fury are already working with a few exciting and renowned projects/IPs on near-future asset interoperability. This will open up a myriad of opportunities for more dynamic and exciting gameplay loops, innovative approaches on gameplay, storytelling and community involvement.
More to be revealed soon.