Seamless Integration
Seamless integration of crypto aspects
The “holy grail” of crypto gaming is finding a creative and smart way to incorporate elements of NFTs and play to earn as an exciting and integral part of the gameplay, rather than making it the centerpiece of game mechanics. Seamlessly tying NFTs and tokens to the gameplay loop will not alienate current gamers from engaging with the game. At the same time, attracting massive volumes of players will drive the underlying economy by getting the players to want to buy and use game NFTs and tokens.
We have given a lot of thought to the mechanics of these innovative aspects for the Engines of Fury game:
Play to earn
Players get rewarded in $FURY for playing the game and completing various achievements, quests, and other gameplay-related activities.
Staking in duels
The Engines of Fury Arena will allow players to stake their $FURY tokens in duels against other players. In the long-term, players will also be able to stake $FURY tokens for other players’ fights.
Creating NFTs
Forging items (NFTs) in-game that are required for improving your hero strength-wise (needed for being able to advance to higher levels, having more chances to win in the arenas and PVP) and, later on, cosmetic/uniqueness-wise (having unique skins, pets, and hero aesthetics that are extremely hard to find and will differentiate your hero, signifying a higher level).
Trading NFTs
All NFTs can be sold for $FURY on the game’s marketplace to other players/investors, as well as melted (destroyed) in order to get $FURY tokens instead.
Arena master
Players will have a chance to buy Arena NFTs to be able to participate in various activities and DAO mechanisms relating to Arenas & earn rewards
Further sections will explain in detail the mechanics of each aspect, as well as how we will make sure that it is tied to the gameplay and adds to the gameplay experience.
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