Play To Earn
Engines of Fury provides a unique opportunity for players to extract in-game virtual earnings, turn them into real-world income, and encourage the monetization of time spent in the in-game world. Crypto assets (tokens and NFTs) owned always belong to the players, and those assets earned can be converted into fiat currencies friction-free.
Learning from the current crypto game mistakes and seeing the opportunities in the existing crypto gaming market, Engines of Fury will have various play to earn aspects creatively interwoven into the gameplay loop without creating opportunities for mindless grinding or botting.
Further mechanics will be put in place to allow players to earn $FURY just by playing the game:
  • Complete various engaging and unique weekly playing achievements (rewards for staying in the game/playing).
  • Players have a chance to receive NFTs after PVP Tournaments which can be melted into $FURY tokens (limited number of NFT will be allowed to melt / month).
  • Players earn $FURY tokens by winning matches against other players.
  • Players earn $FURY tokens for winning in PVE Boss modes.
  • Players have a chance to receive ultra-rare recipe drops for winning in PVE Boss modes, which then they can forge into NFTs to sell on the marketplace or melt for $FURY.
  • Report bugs to earn $FURY.
  • Report bots to earn $FURY.
  • Referral programs to earn $FURY.
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