Creating and using NFTs
Engines of Fury will have various items available for the player’s champions - weapons, armor, and later on various enhancing items (such as combat potions, bombs, and so on) and unique aesthetic items (such as skins, pets, and so on), which will give a boost to players’ chances of winning.
Types of NFTs
  • Offense Bonus:
    • Swords
    • Guns
    • Bombs and Potions
    • And more
  • Defense Bonus:
    • Helmets
    • Shields
    • Armors
    • Boots
    • Gloves
    • And more
How to get the NFTs
  • Receive airdrops / NFT giveaways by participating in community events.
  • Purchasing from the official game marketplace.
  • Buying from other players/investors in other NFT marketplaces.
  • Creating an NFT: Forging NFTs using recipes received by winning in the PVE Boss mode.
  • Receive as rewards from playing PVP tournaments or in other in-game events.
How will we ensure the value and demand of NFTs?
There are only three ways to get NFTs:
Buying from other players/investors on Engines of Fury marketplace or other marketplaces.
This will increase the NFT value due to rising demand as the player base keeps growing.
Forging them in-game by accessing the Engine.
Use recipes obtained from bosses with very low percentage drops - thus hard to find; avoids bots and makes users play the game more to create and sell their NFTs + $FURY to create one NFT item according to the recipe.
We will ensure the uniqueness of each item through RNG (items can have a couple of specs of different values and different colors; “successful forging” of high-value specs will be very rare, thus creating massive demand).
Receiving low-tier NFTs.
Players have a chance to receive low-tier NFTs after PVP or PVE matches.
Destroying the NFTs
Players will be able to melt their items (destroy an NFT) if they don’t want to use it, or don’t want to wait for someone to buy them. In that case, by melting an item, they receive $FURY tokens instead.
This mechanic will seamlessly integrate into the gameplay, create incentives to spend more time playing the game (to be able to get the recipes for NFTs to become stronger), as well as provide financial incentives to keep players in the game in order to generate stronger and rarer NFTs that they can sell for higher profit.
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