Lore of Engines of Fury

Humanity was preparing for its almost-certain doom. A strange asteroid was spotted heading towards the Earth. What baffled scientists was that the trajectory and other metrics of the asteroid didn’t make any sense and they could not calculate where the asteroid came from. Luckily, it broke up and only several of its parts actually hit the Earth. But that was enough to wipe out life in many areas of the planet and make them uninhabitable.
One smaller part of the asteroid hit the city of Stoneport, demolishing most of it. The city was named after its mining industry, which ultimately helped people hide from the impact of the asteroid in its deep and well-constructed mines.
What the survivors discovered was that the asteroid was actually an ancient alien world that for unknown reasons exploded and various parts of it were spat out into the universe, one of which hit the Earth.
Much to their horror, the surviving people realized that the asteroid had spread extraterrestrial viruses and bacteria all over the planet. It mutated the unfortunate people who didn't hide in the mines, as well as animals, turning them into enraged and ferocious monsters hunting for any uninfected humans left. It appeared that the Earth’s weapons, such as guns, swords, and so on, couldn’t do any damage to the monsters.
Fortunately, the survivors started uncovering what the alien world also brought - strange and mysterious extraterrestrial machinery parts and titanium tablets with schematics. The survivors gathered as much as they could from what was scattered around the explosion site and started recreating machines according to the schematics they found. This gave rise to the city’s central point - the Engine, which was used to upgrade weapons and armor with this alien technology. Now it lies heavily guarded and only the chosen ones can access it to build epic weapons and armor.
People of Stoneport, desperate for food & weapons to keep their families safe, started engaging in fights for gold, which eventually got out of control. Then chaos and violence erupted.
Leaders of Stoneport saw the problem and decided to build arenas where fighters could challenge each other to fight & earn gold fairly and stop the uncontrolled violence - at the end of the day, there is a bigger fight waiting in the future - taking back the world!
This is where the Engines of Fury player starts - in one of the Arenas, training and getting ready for a battle.
Now humanity has a chance to train heroes and forge weapons to fight off the mutants and start taking back the Earth to find answers everybody's dying to figure out: Are there more areas with survivors? Are there more parts of the Engine that would make it more powerful? Are there more titanium tablets with alien weapon schematics? And finally, to understand more about the alien world, where it came from, and what happened to it.
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