Gameplay Loop
Gameplay Loop in detail
All successful games have very well-thought-through gameplay loops.
A good core gameplay loop should be able to put the player in a state of flow and continuously create incentives for the player to keep playing and wanting more. A player should be fully engaged in the game: nothing should distract their attention from the task at hand. At the same time, the game needs to provide a fair challenge. Players like to feel in control, to face situations that are neither too easy nor too hard on them.
All this was taken into consideration during the creation of the gameplay loop for the initial game of Engines of Fury, which can be seen in detail below:
Engines of Fury will have quite a few mechanics within it. In order to accomplish all of this efficiently, a proper team and reasonable timeline are needed. That is why we have divided the game development into different milestones foreseeing a reasonable timeframe for each milestone to be achieved, taking into consideration the team and its resources. This is explained in detail in the Roadmap section.
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