Scaling & Future Plans
EoF will continuously grow in terms of its game content and NFTs:
  • Allowing characters to have higher levels.
  • Creating new spells and game mechanics.
  • Creating new PVP/PVE arenas.
  • Creating new gameplay modes.
  • Allowing creation of Armour/Weapon NFTs with new characteristics.
  • Building an open world MMORPG immediately after releasing the full arena battler game.
  • Listening carefully to community feedback and improving the gameplay accordingly.
Duel arena mobile game release:
The mobile gaming market is expanding rapidly and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. The EoF duel arena is a perfect mobile game example due to its simple mechanics and quick gameplay. EoF will work in parallel on a mobile game version and release it on Google Play and App Store as soon as it becomes available. This will help expand the user base even further, track user data, create effective player engagement campaigns, and open up new monetization opportunities around the globe.
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