Video Gaming Market
The growing popularity of games
Current market opportunities for blockchain-based games provide huge potential. Out of the 8 billion-strong worldwide population, 3.1 billion people play video games, which is almost 40% of the total world population, and that is a billion more than just five years ago (source: Statista).
Gaming popularity types and demographics
Asia currently has the highest number of gamers, at 1.42 billion paying game consumers. Europe is the second with 668 million paying game consumers, followed by Latin America with 383 million consumers, and then finally North America with 261 million.
The number of active gamers has risen rapidly over the past decade or so, with the introduction of esports, game streaming via Twitch, and mobile gaming - just to name a few. Gaming continues to grow each year and has even overtaken the music and film industry, generating more profit than both combined. In 2020, the global gaming market reached a value of $180 billion. This market is poised to grow by $119.07 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period.
Focus on the mobile gaming market
We are also focusing on the mobile gaming market. Currently, crypto games are not allowed on Apple App Store or Google Play Store. But sooner or later, they will be allowed because the demand for them is already massive and growing larger by the day.
The Engines of Fury game and its mechanics were tailored to be easily portable to mobile and allow a seamless transition for players from a browser-based to a mobile-based game.
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