Word From The Team
“We love games. We’ve loved them ever since we were children playing the first Centipede on Atari consoles, RuneScape Classic on our parents’ PCs, and to this day, we still play WoW and LoL.
The team we have gathered consists entirely of seasoned professionals, ex-founders, and board members of game development studios, marketing, and UX/UI agencies. Thanks to their backgrounds, they have plenty of experience and expertise in gaming and overall visuals and aesthetics.
Observing the current crypto market, we were not blown away by the existing crypto games out there (and that’s putting it mildly) and we saw a huge opportunity to make a better one.
The problem with these early crypto games is that they seem to address only the crypto industry and investors by making the “play to earn” and NFT aspects the CORE of the game, while the actual game mechanics are largely neglected. In turn, those games have become nothing more than mindless labor camps where players (or in many cases BOTs) come to grind for coins and get bored in the process. On top of that, many games have been coming out extremely fast - which is why not only the gameplay, but also the art, game visuals, and gameplay UI/UX were overlooked.
We strongly believe such games will never make it in the long run. Period. The gamer behavior will not change - a game has to have an interesting & addictive gameplay loop, boost adrenaline and give a dopamine-kick. Last but not least, it has to be visually stunning and easily understandable.
It is why we (The Founders) came together - we saw an opportunity to create a visually stunning, interesting, and addictive game that would seamlessly tie the crypto functionality to an addictive gameplay loop in a creative and smart way. This will ensure the game’s long-term success, attract numerous players over time, drive the game economy, surge the value of tokens and NFTs, and create lucrative incentives for investors, NFT enthusiasts, and the blockchain community as a whole.
Engines of Fury Founders
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