Challenges & Opportunities

Mainstream gaming grew from ~100bn in 2016 to ~200bn in 2022, while the blockchain gaming industry grew ~2,000% in the past year alone. However, besides unprecedented growth and opportunities there are many challenges to be solved:

Challenges with traditional games:

  • Players don’t own assets that they buy/get while playing. They cannot freely sell or trade their champions, cars, items, in-game currencies.
  • Players are restricted to only being able to interact and/or trade within the game’s world (or even in a very specific realm within the game’s world).
  • Players are not rewarded for their skill and time spent playing games.
  • Only the top elite players (or streamers) can earn a living from playing games.

Challenges with current crypto games:

  • Cumbersome onboarding of “non-blockchain affluent” players - wallets, private keys, etc.
  • Largely neglected gameplay loop & replay value, lore, art, visuals & UI/UX.
  • Unsustainable game economies with inflationary in-game currency (token) schemes.
  • Little use of what Web3 can offer (cross-game and/or cross-project interoperability of assets, community involvement, in-game economy).
  • Negativity from mainstream gamers due to lots of rushed and/or scammy Web3 gaming projects.

Enter: Engines of Fury

  • Ability to choose between custodial (for experienced users) and non-custodial (easy & fast onboarding for Web2.0 users) wallet options.
  • High poly, 3D, refined visuals & animations.
  • Deep lore that unravels through playing and progressing.
  • Single player game modes that revolve around learning the core mechanics, exploring the story, and gearing up for PvP fights.
  • Multiplayer game modes that bring ultimate action and adrenaline to co-op against strongest end-game bosses OR fight in 1v1 or 3v3 battles at stakes against others.
  • Deflationary token economy with fixed supply of tokens and token burn mechanisms from the game’s revenue.
  • Dynamic in-game economy with numerous and balanced sinks and faucets.
  • Multiple gameplay loops with crypto aspects seamlessly tied into the gameplay with an organic need for tokens/NFTs.