Revenue & Business Models

Lessons learned from early Web3.0 gaming projects have again and again proved that business models focused around P2E and relying on onboarding new users to bring capital to the game are unsustainable in the long-term.
In order to achieve the vision of becoming the bridge for Web2.0 gamers to Web3.0, Engines of Fury has overcome several iterations of its business and monetisation models to make sure its economy is sustainable in the long-term.
Thus current model builds on several main pillars and will be explained below:

1. Champion & NFT item sales

Players will have to buy at least one champion to play the game (there will be numerous community events and marketing campaigns focused on building exposure and reach, by allowing participants to win a free champion to start). Champion’s price is planned to be fixed to USD to ensure that as many players as possible can join the game at an affordable price.
Engines of Fury will sell its initial set of Council Crates NFTs through an IGO, and will also add a very limited amount of more NFT items to the market with each new game’s season.

2. Champion & NFT item resale royalties

Selling champion or item NFTs will incur a small royalty fee for each resale of the NFTs.

3. Various in-game fees for convenience and in-game NFT minting

There will be numerous balanced sinks within the game that are not compulsory for gameplay, definitely cannot be defined as pay-to-win (what Engines of Fury is trying to avoid at all costs), but allow players to have more convenience within the game: item repairs, revives on death (PvE-only), champion perks (talent tree) resets, minting of NFTs, acquiring more champions, and others.

4. PVP tournament participation & staked fights

Engines of Fury will have game modes that allow staking $FURY against others players and fighting them for it. Each staked fight battle will reward the participating winning players with ~95% of the stake, while the remaining 5% goes to the treasury, as well as in-game reward pools, token burn, and standard $FURY token staking rewards. The same concept will be applied to larger-scale tournaments where many players (teams) will be able to stake tokens and fight for the top three winning places of the tournament to share 95% of the staked pool as rewards (in addition to other item prizes).

5. Advertising income

Engines of Fury will allow incorporating non-intrusive ads and/or small arena branding elements to selected partners for a fee.